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Sound Spike Endpins

- Made with a carbide tip that never needs sharpening
-Super hard stainless steel helps with clarity and projection
- Bass Endpins are available in both 10mm and 1/2" diameters at lengths of 8", 12", and 16"
-Included with Bass Endpins is a rubber boot designed to match the length of the notches on the endpin
-Stainless Steel Cello Endpins come in 8mm and 10mm diameters at a length of 18" 

Sound Spike Endpins are American made


The Sound Spike Endpin is an affordable innovative product created by a professional bass player and educator. Order yours today!


Cello Testimonials


“I now hear the impact a quality endpin can have on sound production- thank you Sound Spike Endpins for providing such a strong base for my playing! All of their products have been chosen with the utmost care and pride. Being that the creators themselves are musicians, you can be confident you will receive the very best in quality and customer service!” –Alexandra Thompson, Cello, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra


"I performed a concert this weekend in a beautiful venue with stone  floors.  Amazingly, my endpin DID NOT SLIP ONCE!!  I have played shows  with this endpin on wooden floors, carpet, concrete, and even marble and  have been amazed with it's staying power.  Best thing is, I've had Sound Spike Endpins  for months now, and the carbide tip is still as sharp as day 1!   (Seriously--the photo shows you my old endpin on the right.   Never going back to that one!)  I'm proud to take my cello on the road  with an endpin that was designed and handcrafted in Pittsburgh, PA."

-Nicole Myers, Cello Fury

Bass Testimonials


"I love the stability and reliable, direct connection to the floor that the carbide tip provides- it holds well on almost any stage surface. And I love not having to sharpen it! As an added bonus, removing the rubber ball and moving the pin out one notch results in EXACTLY the same height. Thank you for a great endpin!"

-Jeffrey Turner, Principal Bass, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra

"I love this new endpin. It is of the highest quality and I don't think it will EVER slip on a wooden stage. It is also very well-planned and convenient for a variety of set-ups. With the removal of the rubber stop, all that needs to be done in order to achieve the exact same bass height is to elevate the bass one more notch. I find that this feature also makes for a much more seamless transition between sitting and standing. This product works well for me and I highly recommend it."

-Kevin Switalski, Assistant Principal Bass, The Cleveland Orchestra


"The Sound Spike gives me the absolute confidence that my endpin will never slip and the peace of mind that I will be prepared to perform in any venue, regardless of the flooring. The days of traveling with a metal file are over, I cannot recommend this product enough."

-Daniel Tosky, Double Bass, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

Distinguished Artist, McDuffie Center for Strings at Mercer University


"I absolutely love the Sound Spike Endpin! I never have to worry about my bass slipping on virtually any surface, and I never have to sharpen it. Even better - it improved the sound of my instrument. It is well worth the investment, and I highly recommend it."

- Micah Howard, Double Bass, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra

Artist Lecturer, Carnegie Mellon University


"...To my amazement, the Sound Spike solves the problems of dull pins AND ineffective rubber protectors. An additional bonus became apparent offstage, as I realized the pin also enhanced the connection between my bow and the bass. Worth every penny!"

-Brent Edmondson, Principal Bass, Lancaster Symphony Orchestra

"This purchase was one of the best I have ever made! The endpin is rock solid, the rubber never slips, and with the additional weight my bass sounds better than ever. I'm recommending that all of my friends, colleagues, and students...purchase one of your Endpins. Thank you so much for designing such a wonderful product and setting it at such a reasonable price!"

-Andrew Trombley, Principal Bass, Mostly Mozart Festival

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